Zimmerman jogs for the first time, progressing on schedule and likes the way the team is playing

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While his teammates were working their way through a 4-5 road trip that included two series victories in Florida and Atlanta, third baseman Ryan Zimmerman wasn’t doing a whole lot. 

Walking, that’s about it. 

Zimmerman, who is recovering from May 3 surgery to repair a torn rectus in his abdomen, jogged for the first time on Friday and reported no issues. His rehab, which progresses on a week-to-week basis, is on schedule so far.

“It’s getting better,” Zimmerman said. “It’s still a little bit sore and swelling but that’s normal. I think up to three weeks it can get sore and swell, that’s just from the scar tissue but everything’s gone according to plan and everything looks good.”

In his down time while the team was on the road, which he had a lot of, Zimmerman made a habit of watching the Nationals’ games and keeping in touch with teammates and coaches via text. He was impressed by what they were able to do, particularly after a rough start to the road trip with the sweep in Philadelphia.

“They’re playing good,” he said. “The pitching continues to be great, the defense has been really good the hitting’s starting to come around. I think it’s always tough when you’re missing some pieces and some people are banged up like Rick (Ankiel) and (Michael) Morse being hurt a little bit.

“We’ve been fighting, getting some runs across. That’s a pretty tough road trip, too, to score runs on and they did a good job the last two series’. After getting beat up a little bit that first series, it’s hard to come back and win two series against teams like Florida and Atlanta. That shows you what this clubs all about.”

The Nationals, who have gone 15-14 in his absence, have struggled offensively throughout the start to the season and the loss of Zimmerman has been glaring. Without him filling the No. 3 hole in the lineup, everything else gets thrown off. 

It hasn’t been easy for him either.

“That’s the hardest part, being patient,” he said. “Just sitting around, watching them play and not being able to do anything is really hard to do.”

Zimmerman’s rehab has always been targeted to take six weeks, which would put him at a June 14 return to the major league team but he’s got a long way to go before that becomes more definitive as a possible return date.

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