The Washington Times - November 12, 2011, 11:22AM

I was on the phone this morning with Marfa Mata, the family friend of Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos who has been acting as a press liaison throughout his kidnapping ordeal, when she told me she was about to put Ramos on the phone.

When his voice came through the other end of the line it was strong, clear and calm. Ramos then described a terrifying scene from his rescue where the police and his kidnappers — three men believed to be Colombians — exchanged gunfire as he knelt on the floor in the room where he was being kept. Police pulled him off the floor, he said, finally, and told him “Hey, Wilson, thank God, you’re safe, let’s go home. Your family is waiting for you.”


The rest of my conversation with Ramos, in which he said several times how happy he was and extended profound thanks to all of the Washington Nationals fans and people everywhere who offered their prayers and support over the past few days can be found here.

I think it’s safe to say that everyone is thrilled that Ramos has come out of this without any significant physical harm being brought to him and he has returned home safely.

Here is a quick roundup of links about this amazing story:

First, here is a phenomenal photo from Getty Images of Wilson being reunited with his mother, Maria Campos. 

Here is our story from late Friday night when the news broke that Ramos was indeed free from his kidnappers (who are in custody) and safe.

Here is a photo gallery and a video from the candlelight vigil held outside of Nationals Park on Friday night. Hours later, Ramos was rescued. 

Here is a link to the page where you can follow all of our coverage from this ordeal — from the first report Wednesday night through the joyous news that he was rescued and his own words to The Washington Times from Saturday morning.