The Washington Times - April 19, 2012, 07:28PM

Good evening from Nationals Park. An ideal night for baseball, but not much of a crowd on hand. Between the Caps-Bruins game and an Astros’ lineup even the hardest core fans would have have trouble recognizing, it’s not surprising.

Spoke with Brad Lidge earlier today. The right-hander is feeling much better after an extended spell of vertigo this week. Lidge has experienced the problem before, but usually it lasted for hours, not days. This week’s episode wasn’t as intense.


“When I’d wake up it was really bad, but by the end of the day it got a lot better,” Lidge said. “That’s why I told them I was fine to throw. … I’m very thankful it’s gone now. That’d be a pain in the butt to linger.”

Doctors told Lidge the vertigo stemmed from an issue with the calcium stones in his inner ear that regulate balance. That left his world spinning. Head rotation exercises helped fix the problem. Lidge feels fine.

“They don’t know what causes it,” Lidge said, “but they do know how to treat it fortunately.”

Onto the lineups, where utilityman Steve Lombardozzi gives Ian Desmond a day off at shortstop. Manager Davey Johnson didn’t exactly rave about Lombardozzi’s fielding at the position: “He’s adequate. … I’ve had a lot worse out there.”

Jordan Schafer, CF
Jose Altuve, 2B
J.D. Martinez, LF
Carlos Lee, 1B
Brian Bogusevic, RF
Matt Downs, 3B
Jason Castro, C
Marwin Gonzalez, SS
Bud Norris, P

Steve Lombardozzi, SS
Danny Espinosa, 2B
Ryan Zimmerman, 3B
Adam LaRoche, 1B
Jayson Werth, RF
Rick Ankiel, CF
Wilson Ramos, C
Roger Bernadina, LF
Edwin Jackson, P