The Washington Times - August 3, 2012, 08:39PM

Not much of a post-game after Game One of Friday night’s doubleheader, but we did chat briefly with Davey Johnson and John Lannan. Here’s what they had to say about the Nationals’ 7-4 victory over the Marlins:

John Lannan:


On the rocky start to the outing: “The last few times I’ve been up here it’s been a little bit of a slow start. But coming up here you’ve got to give yourself a chance to compete and pitch to contact, so that’s what I started doing.”

On why he might be having trouble at the outset: “I don’t know. Just trying to get into the rhythm of things. Just after the (Carlos Lee) at-bat, when I got the double play, I felt a little bit better. But I’ve got to get rid of those walks, you know. Five walks is too much. Got to get back to pitching to contact.”

On if it was a little less strange this time around to come up for the doubleheader: “Yeah it was a little less weird. I wish I could stay up here but I know the deal. I’ve got to go back down there and keep on working.”

On how he can fix any struggles he’s having: “I’ve got to go down there and pitch to contact. That’s what I’ve done my whole career. I had a tough one in Triple-A last time, I was pitching to contact and got a little hurt. But I’ve just got to keep doing it. Sometimes you’re going to have a good one, sometimes you’re going to have a bad one, but you’ve got to give yourself a chance. I think I did that for the most part but I’ve got to get rid of those walks.”

On if it’s nice to have won both of his major league starts this year: “Yeah that’s the ultimate goal, and to go as deep in the game as I can because I know we have 18 innings to play today and these guys, you don’t want to wear the bullpen out too much. I wish I went a little deeper, didn’t have that tough seventh. That kind of put us in a hole right there but I just kind of tried to stay with the gameplan and help these guys out. I know it’s going to be a long day.”

On if it’s tough to go back to the minors and pitch: “No, I mean it is what it is. I understand the situation. Going back down there and pitching was a little weird but it’s just the way it’s going right now so I’ve just to go down there and work hard.”

On if he understood what first baseman Adam LaRoche was doing when he dropped a bunt in the second inning: “No. He said ‘I got it,’ and when someone says ‘I got it,’ you get out of the way. He almost took my head off with that throw but I tried to just get out of the way. He’s the athlete out there.”

Davey Johnson

On Lannan’s start: “Lannan was great. Again. I thought he ran out of gas a little bit and I didn’t quite get to him in time. But another big boost for us, did a heck of a job.”

On if the Nationals made that game harder than it should’ve been with such a big lead early: “Oh yeah, most definitely. I didn’t want to use some of the guys I used. (Drew Storen’s) ball was moving everywhere and running about three feet, and I didn’t want to have to do what I did there. But with him, I also didn’t want to throw too many pitches coming off that injury.”

On if it’s uncharacteristic for Storen to be so wild: “He’s really had good command. He threw last night, had great stuff. I think he was pumped up today.

On what it’s meant for Lannan to come up and win two games: “It’s been outstanding. He’s been a big boost. He’s had a rough year having to go down there, but he’ll be back up here soon.”