The Washington Times - March 20, 2012, 12:32PM

VIERA, Fla. — It was a pretty quiet clubhouse this morning with an away night game coming after the spring’s only off day but there are a few incremental injury updates:

– Chien-Ming Wang was walking without a limp and in good spirits. Wang said he’s been doing exercises in the pool with the Nationals’ training staff and he hasn’t had any problems thus far. 


“I feel much better,” Wang said. 

Wang said he could see himself beginning to do more in the coming days including playing light catch and more strength training on his legs. He was unsure when he would return to a mound but as far as gauging where he’s at, Wang did say that if it was the regular season he did not think he was close enough right now that he could power through and pitch.

Still, the progress he’s made has been significant and he appears to be encouraged.

– Nationals closer Drew Storen hasn’t pitched in a game since March 7 and while the Nationals were always planning to take things slow with Storen this spring due to a heavy workload last season and, most likely, this season, their plans have been exaggerated by the fact that Storen has come down with strep throat. 

He was not present in the clubhouse on Sunday when reporters were around and he arrived to the complex this morning only to be sent home by the team’s medical staff.

There’s still plenty of time for Storen to get healthy and get pitching again so there doesn’t appear to be a whole lot of concern in that department — other than trying to keep his illness contained and not have it spread to the whole clubhouse.

– Left fielder Michael Morse said there was nothing new to report with his right lat strain. Morse was instructed to be shut down for a week and he said he’s currently in the middle of that week. Morse has still been doing his cardio and other workouts with strength and conditioning coach John Philbin but he is not to do any baseball activities and certainly no throwing.

“They told me for a week you’re not going to do anything,” Morse said. “Just keep your hand down. It’s one of those things that like, when something’s healing, it could be healing and then I do something stupid and I’ve got to wait even longer.”

Morse reiterated that he’s not worried and the biggest issue for him right now is boredom. After a torrid spring in 2011 and a less-than-stellar first month of the season, Morse came into this year feeling that maybe he played too much last year and was looking forward to not having to fight for a spot, but more prepare for the year. Safe to say even he would have liked to play more than he has.

“(I’m) more (bored) than ever,” he said. “From one extreme to the other.”