The Washington Times - October 11, 2012, 08:51PM

Here are some of Jayson Werth’s comments after his solo home run in the bottom of the ninth inning Thursday gave the Nationals a 2-1 win over the Cardinals at Nationals Park:

On his 13-pitch at-bat:
He’s tough. We’ve faced him a lot over September, and in the series. So I knew what he had. But I think he threw a hook, 2‑2 to get to 3‑2 and I figured from then I wasn’t going to get off the heater, fouled a couple more off and finally got one to hit.


On the pitch he hit for the game-winning home run:
It was fastball. He’s got a good fastball. Like I said — but after that 2‑2 hook, it was pretty close. After that, I was on the heater.

On why he remained positive about the Nationals’ chances:
Doesn’t matter how much you lose or how much you lose by, it’s 0‑0 starting the game the next day. I just knew the type of mentality our club has, and the guys, they bring it every day. I knew that wasn’t going to get them down. You know, our fans have been great. They have been showing up in record numbers, and when I signed here, my first day here, I went to a Capitals game, a hockey game, which the place was packed. Somebody said, ‘just a few short years ago, this place was empty.’ So I knew that a winning ballclub would bring the fans, and here we are, two years later and they’re showing up and it’s awesome.

On what Washington can expect in Game 5:
It will be a lot like today. It’s what it’s all about. It’s what you play all season for and what you work out all winter for and what you get to spring training early for. We have a chance tomorrow to take that next step. I know my teammates will be ready and the city will, too.

On if this game had a different feel:
Yeah, I mean, the last two games, the place was packed. I don’t think it … it hasn’t been packed. We’ve sold out, but it wasn’t like it was. You know, a lot of the times, it’s a little mix of some of our fans and some of the other team’s fans. Today it seemed like‑‑ the last two days, it was all our fans. You know, hopefully they will show up again tomorrow and we’ll do it again.

On the home run reaction:
I didn’t hear a thing. It was pretty quiet to me. You know, I had an at‑bat like that in 2010 off Drew; I hit a home run. He was one of the first people to come grab me. He told me that was familiar‑‑ he said something, but he was looking back to that moment. I think he said he knew it was going to happen, so it was a special moment for sure.

On Ross Detwiler’s effort:
Yeah, media can say whatever they want. We know the type of guy Ross is and what he brings to the team. I said yesterday, I felt good about where we were at. I felt like Ross would handle business and we have Gio going tomorrow. Ball’s in our court. We’ve got a chance. We’ve got a chance to win the series tomorrow. What a difference a day makes. I know we are going to come in ready to go tomorrow.