The Washington Times - October 8, 2012, 09:31PM

ST. LOUIS — Some of Nationals manager Davey Johnson’s thoughts following Washington’s 12-4 loss to St. Louis in Game 2 of the NLDS:

(On Jordan Zimmermann’s performance)


“He didn’t really make a lot of adjustments out there. … [The Cardinals are] a good fastball‑hitting club, you have to use both sides of the plate, and he didn’t really use his slider much early on. Started going to it a little later. But that’s just a little inexperience.”

(On Bryce Harper getting thrown out trying to advance in the seventh)

“Well, that’s inexperience, too. Had a little rally going there and he was in scoring position and he tried to get to third, and that kind of killed the rally we had going. Again, that’s just a little inexperience. He’s overly aggressive there. He didn’t tag up. He had to go back and tag up, and that was right. But it was wrong to try to go to third.”

(Surprised about all the blowout games vs. Cardinals lately?)

“Not really. You know, we’ve got some awful good hitters on our side and they have them on their side. You’ve just got to make pitches. You just can’t go after a club and just throw hard. You’ve got to pitch. There’s a difference between when you really mature as a pitcher, you use all your pitches and it’s easier.”

(Is this the Cardinals offense you expected to see, as opposed to the Game 1 sputtering?)

“I hope I never see this offense again Their numbers speak for themselves. They have got a fine hitting ballclub, and good pitching will slow down good hitting, but you’ve got to make pitches, and we didn’t do that tonight.”