The Washington Times - April 15, 2013, 07:04PM

MIAMI — Danny Espinosa held out his right wrist to display the bruising that had developed overnight from the fastball he took off it on Sunday. His wrist and his forearm displayed the dark, painful spots.

As he flexed his hand, he tried to explain how he felt.


“The swelling has increased so much that everything has gotten extremely stiff,” Espinosa said. “The bruising is starting to settle in all over my forearm and in my hand. The grip strength on my two fingers is a little… it’s stiff. It’s really stiff. It’s sore but I would say that the swelling is what’s making it hurt so bad.”

Espinosa said the Nationals’ flight from D.C. to Miami did not help his cause in trying to keep that swelling down, and he could feel it ballooning almost immediately after the team’s place ascended. 

Steve Lombardozzi took the second baseman’s spot in the lineup on Monday, and it was likely that he’d do so again on Tuesday.

“A pretty big portion of his throwing hand is banged up,” said manager Davey Johnson. “Probably day-to-day, but it doesn’t look too good. Nothing structurally wrong, bone-wise, he’s fine there.”

Espinosa was hopeful, though, that he could play again on Wednesday. If not, he said he’d take the Thursday off-day and was confident he would be able to return by Friday when the Nationals open a three-game series in New York. For now he’ll continue icing and getting treatment.

“I’m really hoping Wednesday,” Espinosa said. “Take the next two days and Wednesday is my goal.”

“He’s a tough kid,” Johnson said. “He played another inning and made a couple plays and threw the ball. But bad contusions like that, a lot of times there’s a lot of bleeding. Hopefully he’ll be back soon.”