The Washington Times - April 29, 2013, 06:54PM

ATLANTA — Wilson Ramos was activated from the disabled list and feeling ready to go on Monday afternoon, but manager Davey Johnson did not put him in the lineup against the Atlanta Braves. 

Despite the fact that Kurt Suzuki has played all but one game since Ramos went on the disabled list 15 days ago, manager Davey Johnson is planning to take things slow with Ramos as he eases him back into a heavy workload.


“I treat hamstrings anything but lightly,” Johnson said. “He didn’t do anything (Sunday), he took the day completely off. Which told me he may have been a little sore from catching. (Plus) we traveled, so I want to make sure he’s OK today. If he’s OK today, he’ll play (Tuesday).

“I’m just being overly cautious. Just conforming with medical practices today. I’d rather be safe than sorry. That’s all.”

At the start of the season, the Nationals began using Ramos and Suzuki in an every-other-day rotation. Johnson had said from the outset that wasn’t a hard and fast plan for the entire season, and that he’d be willing to go with matchups or a hot hand, and in the wake of Ramos’ left hamstring pull, he hadn’t changed that outlook.

“I’ll probably alternate a little bit early,” Johnson said. “But I was never going to be tied into that full-time. I play the hot hand, I look at matchups.”

“I love to have him in the lineup. I just want to make sure he’s going to be healthy. That’s why I was taking it easy with him at the (start) of the year. I didn’t want injuries to pop up. Unfortunately it did. Hopefully we can get him consistently out there every day.”