The Washington Times - August 17, 2013, 06:58PM

ATLANTA — Tyler Moore was recalled from Triple-A Syracuse Saturday morning, rewarding the hot-hitting outfielder/first baseman for his strong performance after returning to the minors on July 10. 

Here’s what Moore had to say about how this season has gone for him, and how he’s worked through his struggles at the major league level this year:


On his struggles offensively as a bench player this season: “When I was up here, I just felt like the heater was getting on me really hard. I was chasing a lot of balls in the dirt and up. Obviously I was just late. Me and (Triple-A hitting coach Troy Gingrich) just worked down there.

“It was more on the mental side of the swing than anything. He just told me to start earlier and then slow it down. Once I started slowing down, I felt back to normal. I just took kind of long because I wasn’t really getting consistent at-bats. I’d have one or two games and then I’d feel like it’s kind of coming, and then it would go away. So we kind of put a little something on that until it was able to happen consistently.”

On his mental adjustments after the team acquired Scott Hairston and sent him down: “Obviously they had to make a change. I think it was better for me in the long run just to go down and say ‘Hey, you’re going to play every day, you’re going to figure out what’s going on and then once you figure it out, maybe something will happen.’

“But I don’t think the first time I came back up I was ready, by any means. I’m just happy to be back and happy to have success down there.”

On what he’s learned this year: “I think any time I feel like I’ve struggled, I feel like I’ve learned. That’s a huge thing for me. They say I’m a young player but I’m 26. It’s about time for me to start hanging on to some things and really taking them with me.

“I just feel like I struggled, I learned how to get out of it, I came through adversity and I feel like it just makes you stronger. The ultimate goal is just to help the Nationals win. It’s been a tough year for everybody here in this organization. Just kind of like the personal goals, you want to learn from those mistakes, learn what we did wrong or what we did wrong and just continue to build.”

On if he’s paid much attention to the major league team since going down: “I haven’t. I’ve shut everything off and just kind of worried about the Syracuse Chiefs and what we were doing. It’s tough to look up and you don’t want to mess your mind up with things like, that so I completely shut it down. I was definitely rooting for them but you try to just give yourself some space.”

On the importance of finishing the season strong: “That’s perfect. It’ll make the offseason a lot better. Even the way we play as a team is going to really reflect the offseason and what, probably, changes are going to be made or if there’s any that are going to be made. I just want to get kind of on a roll and just finish strong.