The Washington Times - February 21, 2013, 03:23PM

VIERA, Fla. — Washington Nationals right-hander Christian Garcia is awaiting MRI results on his right wrist and forearm to get some clarity on the tightness he’s been feeling. Garcia, who described the issue as a “tight kind of pull thing” he’s felt when throwing his fastball, seemed confident the issue was not anything too serious.

“My arm feels gradually better,” he said, his right forearm encased in ice.


Garcia played catch on Wednesday before the Nationals sent him to the doctor for further testing. A survivor of two Tommy John surgeries and another procedure to remove a bone spur, Garcia is no stranger to arm issues. But he said the tightness or soreness does not concern him all that much because of it’s location.

“As long as it’s not my elbow or shoulder it’s something that, at minimum, we can get it fixed, in a short amount of time, too,” he said. 

Manager Davey Johnson was at a loss to figure out what might be ailing Garcia, guessing perhaps it was a bruise or a strain, but until they get the MRI results back Thursday evening they won’t know for sure and won’t be able to decide a proper treatment plan.

“I’ve never had (pain) there,” Johnson said. “I have no idea what he could have. Maybe he picked up a suitcase or something. I don’t know.”

Garcia was also relieved to find out that he did not have appendicitis, as initially feared after dealing with stomach pain the past few days. His stomach was feeling better on Thursday.

“When I was feeling it, I was thinking it could be (appendicitis),” Garcia said. “Because I’d never felt anything like it. So it’s definitely a relief it’s not that, because I would have had to miss a lot of time if it was that.”

Garcia, who is one of the most intriguing players in Nationals camp given their impending decision over whether he will start or relieve, will likely rest at least a few days, regardless of what the diagnosis is from his MRI. Given how early it is in camp, neither he nor Johnson appeared too concerned that this would set him back greatly.