The Washington Times - January 15, 2013, 01:12PM

The Washington Nationals were shutout of the first announced portion of ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball schedule, not getting plucked for any of the first 11 scheduled games on the national network. All June dates, two dates in July as well as August and September have not yet been announced.

Selections for the June broadcasts as well as July 7th and July 28th will be made three weeks in advance, with the August and September games to be decided upon two weeks in advance.


The Nationals were featured on Sunday Night Baseball twice in the early portion of the schedule in 2012 and their games were flexed to nationally televised broadcasts several times in the second half of the season as they surged to the best record in the major leagues and the National League East title. 

It would be surprising if the Nationals do not get at least one Sunday Night Baseball appearance in the yet-to-be-decided games. 

The Nationals face the Braves, Twins, Indians, Rockies and Mets in the month of June, and any of those games could be selected (especially the two division games) and will play the Mets again on July 28th. They will play the Padres on July 7, so that one would appear the most unlikely at this point.

The second half of ESPN’s schedule will depend largely on the pennant races so if the Nationals play the way most are expecting them to, they would likely be featured in that portion of the schedule as well.

Here is the announced portion of the ESPN Sunday Night Baseball schedule as it stands now:

March 31Texas Rangers at Houston Astros
April 7Los Angeles Angels at Texas Rangers *
April 14Baltimore Orioles at New York Yankees
April 21St. Louis Cardinals at Philadelphia Phillies
April 28Atlanta Braves at Detroit Tigers
May 5Los Angeles Dodgers at San Francisco Giants
May 12Los Angeles Angels at Chicago White Sox
May 19Detroit Tigers at Texas Rangers
May 26Atlanta Braves at New York Mets
July 14St. Louis Cardinals at Chicago Cubs
July 21New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox