The Washington Times - June 8, 2013, 02:24PM

Nationals second baseman Danny Espinosa could resume baseball activities soon if his fractured right wrist feels symptom free following the cortisone injection he received Thursday, manager Davey Johnson said Saturday.

Espinosa plans to meet with Dr. Wiemi Douoguih, the Nationals’ medical director and head team physician. If Espinosa is symptom-free, “he’ll probably give him a few days off and he can resume baseball activities,” Johnson said. Johnson did not specify when Espinosa is scheduled to meet with the doctor.


“From my understanding, the break and the little chip that’s separated from it is not in a position where it can cause any more irritation,” Johnson said. “And the major bone has probably had enough time to calm down. So hopefully he won’t have a whole lot of discomfort, no weakness in the hand. He was playing through it pretty good.”

As for the torn rotator cuff in Espinosa’s left shoulder, Johnson indicated that injury doesn’t impact Espinosa’s return.

“The shoulder, he did a lot of exercising to strengthen all the muscles around the rotator cuff,” Johnson said. “The doctors decided to go that route instead. Maybe we’re past it. I don’t know. That will be something we have to look at in the offseason.”

Through 44 games this season, Espinosa is batting .158/.193/.272 with three home runs, 47 strike outs and four walks in 167 plate appearances.