The Washington Times - May 1, 2013, 07:08PM

ATLANTA — Jayson Werth was out of the Nationals’ lineup for the second straight day with his left ankle still very swollen and his right hamstring still a bit tight. Werth expected to get an X-ray done on his ankle shortly before gametime.

“I saw on (television) last night that I was out due to my hamstring,” Werth said Wednesday. “I’m not sure why. And maybe I am? I have no idea, just because I haven’t gotten past the ankle yet. It’s pretty swollen.”


Werth did a little jogging and took some batting practice on Wednesday. He hoped that if it was necessary for him to pinch hit in the game, he’d be willing and able. 

He also said it was the worst he’s ever fouled a ball off his ankle in his career. 

“This is just a bad spot.” he said. “The doc yesterday said it’s kind of a sensitive area with nerves running right through there. He was saying that a quarter-inch either way and it would’ve been even worse. It would’ve hit a tendon or a big vein that runs right there. He said if I got it there, it would’ve been worse. So I’ve got that going for me.”

Manager Davey Johnson was more concerned about Werth’s hamstring than his ankle, and said he’d take things slow — perhaps even sitting him on Thursday as well if necessary. 

“I don’t want him to go down right when Ryan (Zimmerman) comes back,” Johnson said. “I’m gonna be cautious on that.”

When he does return, Werth said he’ll have to wear a guard to protect the area again. 

“You hit it again, you’d be in trouble,” he said. “But I’ve worn shin guards before, so that’s no problem.”