The Washington Times - May 18, 2013, 08:44PM

SAN DIEGO — The traveling continued for Jayson Werth on Saturday as the right fielder went to Chicago to visit with another specialist about his strained right hamstring. The Nationals are hopeful that Werth will be ready to return to the active roster on Friday, but he has been ruled out for the remainder of the team’s road trip.

Werth, who visited with a specialist in New York on Thursday, is still feeing some tightness in the hamstring when he tries to explode — like when he’s coming out of the batter’s box on a hit.


“He’s got so many specialists,” Johnson said Saturday. “He’s a finely tuned athlete. He’s got a lot of people keeping that way. But any time you have something with a hamstring, that’s not something I want to rush back anyway.”

Johnson cited catcher Wilson Ramos as example No. 1 as to why the Nationals are going to proceed with extra caution when it comes to hamstrings.

Ramos, who spent the minimum 15 days on the disabled list with a left hamstring strain in April, re-strained the same hamstring on Wednesday night. The Nationals expect he will need longer than 15 days this time as the strain is more severe.

“I thought we were cautious on Wilson Ramos, but obviously we weren’t,” Johnson said. “Any time it’s in the same spot, it’s worse. Any time you re-injure a previous injury, it’s worse. It’s that simple.”