The Washington Times - May 26, 2013, 11:48AM

Phillies left fielder Domonic Brown was excited Sunday morning to get a few more at-bats against Nationals starter Stephen Strasburg. Not because he thinks Strasburg is easy to face.  Quite the opposite.

“That’s why you wake up, that’s why you work hard, that’s why you prepare. For days like this,” Brown said. “Pitchers like this are supposed to get you out and if he leaves one up, hopefully I can hit one hard off him.


“To my way of thinking, I want to see a guy like Strasburg every day.”

Brown, Nats fans will recall, was in the batter’s box on Aug. 21, 2010, the day Strasburg threw the final pitch of his debut season. Strasburg underwent Tommy John surgery two weeks later. Brown said after the game he feared it was a significant injury.

He said Sunday morning that, even as a competitor, he’s delighted Strasburg has made it back without apparent effect on the pitcher’s considerable ability.

“It’s good to see him out there healthy and back strong,” Brown said. “Like I told you guys back then, I knew it had to be something serious. The guy is a great pitcher. He is going to come right at you. He has 3-4 pitches he can throw at you in any count.”

Nats catcher Wilson Ramos is 10 days into his second stint on the disabled list with a hamstring injury. He said he was told this time it could be six weeks before he returns. He’s hopeful it won’t be that long. He also knows he has to be patient, which he admits is not easy.

Ramos missed all but six weeks of last season with a serious knee injury. Now he’s looking at a hamstring problem costing him two months this year if the six weeks proves accurate.

“I got one (week) in already. I feel pretty good, I think it will be better before that time,” Ramos said Sunday morning. “I have to take my time, come back strong, 120 percent. I don’t want to get hurt again.

“Mentally, right now, I feel very bad. I’m missing a lot of time. I have to be patient. I just have to wait and try to recover sooner.”

And, finally, the lineups for Sunday’s rubber game against the Phillies, where Cole Hamels squares off against Strasburg. Hamels is 1-7 and has not pitched with a lead in a game since April 7 against Kansas City. But he’s allowed three or fewer earned runs in six straight starts vs. the Nats.  Strasburg hasn’t beaten the Phils in three career starts, but the Nats are 2-1 in those starts.


Jimmy Rollins, 6

Freddy Galvis, 4

Michael Young, 5

Delmon Young, 9

Domonic Brown, 7

Kevin Frandsen, 3

Ben Revere, 8

Humberto Quintero, 2

Cole Hamels, 1



Denard Span,8

Bryce Harper, 7

Ryan Zimmerman, 5

Adam LaRoche, 3

Ian Desmond, 6

Tyler Moore, 7

Jhonatan Solano, 2

Steve Lombardozzi, 4

Stephen Strasburg, 1