The Washington Times - May 7, 2013, 05:41PM

The opener of the Washington Nationals’ two-game series with the Detroit Tigers was postponed due to inclement weather and will be made up on Thursday afternoon at 4:05 p.m.

Rain pounded the D.C. area for much of the day on Tuesday and despite a reprieve early in the evening, the forecast was ominous. With Jordan Zimmermann facing Anibal Sanchez, both teams were leery of starting the game and then dealing with a postponement or lengthy delay that would then cost them their pitcher for this turn in the rotation.


Zimmermann and Sanchez will face off on Wednesday and the teams will keep the rest of their pitching on-turn for Thursday with Dan Haren facing Doug Fister.

“I was out of my street clothes for 15 minutes and they cancelled the game,” Zimmermann said, asked if the postponement affected him. “It wasn’t like I was in game mode yet or anything. Come back tomorrow and do it all over.”

Haren welcomed the extra day of rest.

“I played catch today, I’ll just play catch again tomorrow,” he said. “It’s not that big of a deal. It sucks more for Jordan. The anxiety of a game day is tough. He was, I’m sure, thinking about it all day and now he’s got to go back tonight and re-do it. For me I can just go have a glass of wine.”

“I’ll take extra days any time I can get it. I’ve had plenty of years of throwing on every five days. That stinks.”

In the past, Zimmermann has not always been his usual sharp self when given a significant amount of extra rest. Because of the Nationals’ off day on Monday, Zimmermann will pitch on six days of rest on Wednesday.

“I know my numbers aren’t as good when I’ve got more days off,” Zimmermann said. “I feel the same. I feel good. Just one of those fluke things that the more days off the worse my numbers are, for whatever reason. Hopefully I can change that for tomorrow.

– Tickets for Tuesday’s game will be honored for Thursday’s contest but the team announced in a release that they would not allow exchanges or refunds if you cannot make it to Thursday’s game. 

Season plan holders with seats for tonight’s postponed game, will have their card automatically activated for May 9. Those who wish to transfer or forward seats for the make-up game may login to to view their seats.

In the event that a seat for tonight’s game was forwarded from a Season Plan Holder Card to a print at home ticket, the print at home barcode will be active for the make-up game and will not return to the card.

According to the team, all Red Carpet Rewards tickets, group tickets, mini plan tickets, flex plan tickets or single game tickets will be valid for the May 9 game only. 

UPDATED: A number of fans, who were upset by new rules they had no previous knowledge of, asked for further details on the Nationals’ change in policy regarding a postponement. In the past, the team had exchanged tickets for a future date.

A Nationals spokesman said “due to higher demand and less capacity, we’ve had to modify our ticket policy.”

It appears this will likely be the team’s standard policy going forward after a spike in attendance due to the team’s success in 2012. In April alone, the Nationals set a number of attendance records, including averaging almost 32,000 per game in paid attendance. 

While the Nationals are not setting a new precedent with this policy, it is not exactly a widespread standard, either. And their spike in attendance, while a boon for the fanbase, the team and the organization, has not been sustained long enough for fans to easily understand such a drastic switch in policy.