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Amanda Comak covers the Washington Nationals for The Washington Times.

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Hairston steamed over Friday night ejection

One thing that got a little lost in the shuffle lat Friday night as the Nationals won their 12th game in their last 13 -- and became one of only six teams to blow three saves in one game and still win -- was that Jerry Hairston Jr. was still livid, six innings later, over his eighth-inning ejection.

McLaren's first lineup as interim manager

In case anyone forgot, there is actually a baseball game to be played today. Interim manager John McLaren's first lineup is one that doesn't include the pitcher hitting as the Nationals play their second Interleague series of the season.

Nationals officially name McLaren interim manager

The Nationals released a statement this afternoon making it official that John McLaren will be the team's interim manager, at least for this weekend. The release does not specify an expiration date on his tenure but every indication is that the Nationals plan to have someone else in place by Monday to manager the remainder of the season. According to a source, Davey Johnson is the top candidate for that position. Here is the full statement from the Nationals:

The morning after: a few thoughts from Chicago

Yesterday was an interesting day and, in a few hours, the Nationals will play their first game since 2009 without Jim Riggleman in the manager's office. They've got to find some way to move on and from what was said yesterday immediately after the news was dropped on them that was really the only reaction most of the players had -- at least publicly. There are a few things to ponder, though, before the Nationals fully turn the page on the Jim Riggleman era:

McLaren named Nationals interim manager

Bench coach John McLaren is expected to be named as the team's interim manager for the weekend but sources indicate he may only manage through the series in Chicago and that senior advisor to the general manager Davey Johnson is high on the Nationals list of candidates to manage the rest of the season. Calls to Johnson were not immediately returned.

One year after demotion, Lannan stronger than ever

On the brim of every cap John Lannan wears on the mound are the letters AA. They're there, in indelible ink, to remind the lanky left-hander of a place he never wants to go back to. It was at this time last year when Lannan was demoted from the major league roster all the way to Double-A Harrisburg, a wakeup call for Lannan and easily the lowest point in his somewhat brief major league career.