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Hi everyone, and welcome to our weekly live chat live from RFK, where the Nats and Reds are preparing for Game 2 of their series. Plenty to discuss, with the trade deadline, two-year extensions for Dmitri Young and Ronnie Belliard, Barry Bonds’ veeeerrrry sllloooow crawl toward 756 (which is wreaking havoc with my life, by the way). Let’s get started, but first, let me just point one thing out: Did you know the Nats are 37-35 since May 11? Seriously, that’s better than a .500 pace for nearly three months. Who knew?\ \ OK, onto your questions. As always, click on the above link to submit one, or e-mail me directly at, being sure to include your name and hometown…From Billy T. in Silver Spring:Mark Zuckerman:From JP’s Fan and Proud of It:Mark Zuckerman:From B. Prophet in Reston:Mark Zuckerman:From Brian in Alexandria:Mark Zuckerman:From Tim W. in Herndon:Mark Zuckerman:From Carolyn Sutton:Mark Zuckerman:From Donald Sanger in Falls Church:Mark Zuckerman:Ryan ChurchWow, looks like we’ve run through all the questions already. What’s up with that? Go tell your friends, your families, your co-workers, your neighbors, strangers you meet on the Metro to join us next week! Until then…

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