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Gilbert Arenas

\ “He’s close. We believe he’s close,” Wizards coach Eddie Jordan said. “But it’s not going to be tonight. It’s a combination. He’s willing to test his whole body in an NBA game and the doctor says he’s not ready. And it’s good for all parties to wait and see once another week has gone by to see where he is.”\

\ Arenas had gone through the team’s full shootaround and was eager to return tonight against the Pistons. He met with the team’s medical staff before the game and that’s when doctors decided he wasn’t ready to play. Arenas was visibly upset in the locker room before the game. He got dressed, gathered his belongings and left the arena because he said he didn’t bring clothes that would meet the NBA’s dress code for sitting on the bench.\

\ Arenas paused before he left the locker room and said “Y’all don’t have to write anymore. I’m not coming back this year.” Then he left Verizon Center.\

\ When asked about Arenas’ claim, Jordan said the guard hasn’t been scratched for the season.\

\ “There’s always a chance,” Jordan said. “We’re not discounting that prediction. There’s always a chance.”\

\ — Mike Jones\

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