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Papal Visit Archive: April 2008

  • St. Patrick's press conference

    Just after 8:30 this morning, I was shivering in front of St. Patrick's Cathedral on Fifth Avenue... Published April 21 2008

  • Wuerl's thoughts on papal visit

    One man who got to be with the pope almost continuously during Benedict's visit was Washington's... Published April 20 2008

  • Kelly Clarkson sings Ave Maria

    I have rarely heard a voice much like that one; soaring into the early evening air; full-throated... Published April 19 2008

  • About Sen. Kennedy

    In yesterday's post, I said Sen. Ted Kennedy did not receive Holy Communion at the Nationals Mass... Published April 19 2008

  • Wafer watch: Kerry and Kennedy

    I'm in the freezing press room at the Sheraton New York, waiting for Benedict to appear at Park E... Published April 18 2008

  • More on the victims who met with Benedict

    I got the call at 3 p.m. as I was returning home from the Mass. I had been up since 5 a.m. cov... Published April 17 2008

  • Wow - what a Mass

    Benedict XVI just left the field — what a splendid event this was — great music, faul... Published April 17 2008

  • Pope calls for 'reconciliation' around sexual abus

    During his homily, the pope asked his flock to "love your priests," and create an environment of... Published April 17 2008

  • Mass features women, minorities

    Today's Mass is featuring women and racial minorities, highlighting the Catholic Church's broad a... Published April 17 2008

  • Pope hopes to 'renew the hope and love' of Jesus C

    Pope Benedict XVI just began celebrating Mass at Nationals Park. His assistant removed his golden... Published April 17 2008

  • The bishops and their professor

    My goodness - what a reception the pope had here at the Shrine. The crowds started assembling... Published April 16 2008

  • But will he talk to the victims?

    There's lots of mixed signals going on in view of Benedict's remarks this morning on the papal pl... Published April 15 2008

  • Papal press mess

    Showed up this morning at the media center for the papal visit, ensconced at the Westin Hotel on... Published April 14 2008

  • Blockade on Massachusetts Avenue

    The latest from the archdiocese: The northbound lanes of Massachusetts Avenue between Whitehaven... Published April 13 2008

  • New York takes huge security precautions

    The following is what our United Nations reporter, Betsy Pisik, wrote Friday after a security bri... Published April 13 2008

  • White House adds papal dinner

    We have discovered *another* birthday party — in absentia — for the pope. First there... Published April 11 2008

  • Papal missal released

    Want to know exactly what Pope Benedict is going to say during the various prayer services and Ma... Published April 10 2008

  • Parade routes for the pope

    Finally, folks, we have it: Where to line up to see His Holiness if you're not fortunate enough t... Published April 8 2008

  • Benedict: Traffic nightmare?

    Those press releases are starting to come in fast and furiously now, including one from Baker Lit... Published April 7 2008

  • Pope adds face time with Jews

    The pope is throwing in two extra visits to Jewish leaders, according to this press release from... Published April 3 2008