• A pre-convention breather

    By CARRIE SHEFFIELDPublished August 19, 2008 Comments

    Politics 101 is taking a break from this blog to write for Blog of the Rings, TWT's Olympic blog. I've been posting dispatches from Beijing and Shanghai and heading to Hong Kong today.

  • The softer side of Bob Novak

    By CARRIE SHEFFIELDPublished August 8, 2008 Comments

    Robert Novak will no longer pen his long-running political column. My thoughts on working briefly with this journalistic giant.

  • Teens realize impact of Nov. 4

    By CARRIE SHEFFIELDPublished August 6, 2008 Comments

    Just heard about an interesting report on teens' views of the upcoming presidential election and policy issues like education, global warming and immigration.

  • McCain as Pinocchio?

    By CARRIE SHEFFIELDPublished August 5, 2008 Comments

    The Democratic National Committee poked fun at presumptive Republican nominee John McCain today in a new web ad called "Puppet Masters." It depicts McCain as a puppet of the oil industry and in an accompanying release, cites a report by Campaign Money Watch showing that 33 of McCain's fundraisers or advisers have worked as lobbyists for the oil and gas industry.

  • GOP goes on celebrity offensive

    By CARRIE SHEFFIELDPublished August 1, 2008 Comments

    The National Republican Committee launched a Web site to ridicule Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama by tying him to Hollywood megastars.

  • Welcome to Politics 101

    By CARRIE SHEFFIELDPublished July 24, 2008 Comments

    Welcome to Politics 101, a blog devoted to issues of importance to young voters.

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