MoveOn puts the Democrats on the canvas

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MoveOnvoted downcaptures
Prior to this embarrassing week of events on the Hill, the Democratic majority has acquiesced on war funding and have fallen over themselves backpedaling as fast as their trembling legs could carry them …
includingMichael Kinsley
Welcome to the wonderful world of umbrage, the new language of American politics. You would not have thought that the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly would be so sensitive. Sticks and stones and so on. Yet they all seem to have taken one look at that ad and fainted dead away. And when they came round, they demanded — as if with one voice (or at least as if with one list of talking points) — that every Democratic presidential candidate must “condemn” this shocking, shocking document.
the likes of these charmersscreeching bunchspitting at the general— David Eldridge, managing editor,

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