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POTUS Notes Archive: May 2009

  • Sotomayor to visit senators Tuesday

    President Obama's Supreme Court nominee heads to the Hill Tuesday to visit with the lawmakers who will determine whether she is confirmed or not. Published May 29 2009

  • Standing up for Sotomayor's brain

    Liberal legal scholars reject the idea that President Obama's Supreme Court nominee doesn't have what it takes to be an intellectual force on the court. But the impression persists among some that this will be the case. Published May 26 2009

  • A day to remember 'the best of America'

    President Obama gives an evocative speech honoring the U.S. military at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day, and asks the nation to observe a moment of silence at 3 p.m. Published May 25 2009

  • Axelrod says Bush's low profile shows 'class'

    One of President Obama's top advisers also says former Vice President Dick Cheney is "defending his legacy" and says Cheney is touting a "regimen on torture." Published May 21 2009

  • A preview of Obama's Gitmo speech

    The White House often puts out excerpts or prepared remarks in advance of a major speech. They don't appear to be doing that today for Obama's Gitmo speech, but a White House official did give a lengthy preview. Published May 21 2009

  • What do India's elections mean for the Doha round?

    The global trade talks fell apart last year in large part because of an impasse between dominant world economies and India and China over agricultural tariffs. Does the new pro-business mandate given to India's leaders extend to trade liberalization? Published May 20 2009

  • Anticipation of Obama/Netanyahu meeting running high in Israel

    President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sit down Monday for what is probably the most high-profile meeting of either leader's time in office so far. Published May 18 2009

  • Obama first visit to (SubSaharan) Africa as president: Ghana in July

    The White House announced Saturday that President Obama will visit (SubSaharan) Africa for the first time as president at the end of a trip to Russia and Italy, but that he will not go to his father's homeland of Kenya. Published May 16 2009

  • Parsing Obama's view of self-interest and culture

    The president's commencement speech at Arizona State is an interesting study. Published May 14 2009

  • Montpelier conference closes with focus on state secrets

    The conference saved the "most provocative for last," the organizer says. Published May 13 2009

  • Experts lay out the limits of interrogation

    Scholars argue that while the most extreme interrogation techniques used during the Bush administration were torture, some coercive techniques should be in play for the CIA, and that the CIA should be able to "walk up to the line" in individual cases if the president approves. Published May 13 2009

  • Goldsmith: Congress too passive in detainee law

    The former Justice Department lawyer and author of "The Terror Presidency" says despite Obama's rhetoric, the U.S. will have to continue holding some detainees "for decades," but should do everything in its power to limit the number of those people. Published May 13 2009

  • Clement: Congress didn't need an invitation

    A solicitor general for President George W. Bush says that Congress should have been more involved in solving the problem of what to do with suspected terrorists. Published May 12 2009

  • The law and counterterrorism

    I'm at a conference focused on the legal landscape of counterterrorism, including what we do with the guys at Gitmo. Published May 12 2009

  • The syndication of the Taliban

    Hillary Clinton gives an articulate explanation of why the Taliban pose a "existential threat" to the Pakistani government. Published May 7 2009

  • Tom Coburn gets an audience with the president

    The Oklahoma conservative will meet with President Obama in the Oval Office Wednesday for what both sides are calling a private meeting. Published May 6 2009

  • Pakistan takes center stage in Washington

    The full weight of the Obama administration is behind a push for stabilizing Pakistan and for getting the Pakistanis to cooperate with Afghanistan. Published May 5 2009

  • No court nominee this week, Gibbs says

    The White House squashes rumors started by Sen. Orrin Hatch, Utah Republican. Published May 5 2009

  • Dems are growing overconfident, says Plouffe

    The man who oversaw President Obama's historic campaign clashes with Bush architect Karl Rove over whether the president is really practicing bipartisanship, but allows that some in his party are getting too big for their britches. Published May 5 2009

  • Obama and Biden go to Arlington burger joint

    The president and vice president went off campus for their weekly lunch on Tuesday, taking a trip to Ray's Hell Burger in Arlington. Published May 5 2009