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How will the season go?

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How Will the Season Go?


Robert Janis


Probably when the schedule was released by the NFL, the coaching staff over at Redskins Park sat down with a copy and broke it down to ascertain how they might do in 2008.


Well, if they can do it, we can too. How do you think they’ll do game-by-game? Here’s a schedule and here’s how I see it. 


@ Giants



@ Cowboys












@ 49ers


At first look, I don’t like the fact that we start the season away against the Super Bowl champions and four out of the last six games are away from FedEx.


It all begins within our own division. We need to at least split with the Giants and Cowboys and sweep the Eagles. That leaves us 4-2. 


Of the remaining games, only four teams had an 8-8 record or better last season:


Cardinals  8-8

Browns 10-6

Steelers 10-6

Seahawks 10-6


Obviously, the remaining teams had losing records last season:


Saints 7-9

Rams 3-13

Lions 7-9

Ravens 5-11

Bengals 7-9

49ers 5-11


I think the Ravens are a better team than 5-11 and the Saints, who made the NFC title game in 2006, I think is better than 7-9. The rest I see as vulnerable based on last year. So there are at least four wins here. 


So the questions are the Browns, Steelers, Seahawks, Saints and Ravens. We play the Saints, Browns and Steelers in Washington. We play the Seahawks, Ravens, Bengals and 49ers away. 


Here’s how I see it:


@ Giants (L)

Saints (W)

Cardinals (W)

@ Cowboys (L)

@Eagles (W)

Rams (W)

Browns (L)

@Lions (W)

Steelers (L)

Cowboys (W)

@Seahawks (L)

Giants (W)

@Ravens (L)

@Bengals (W)

Eagles (W)

@ 49ers (W)


Tally: 10-6


Possible changes can be the Cardinals and Saints. New tally 8-8. Possible change in our favor, the Seahawks (Zorn knows the offense). 9-7


Okay, now what do you think?


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