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Helloby Robert Janis(May 19, 2008)
Hello Redskins fans. My name is Robert Janis and I will be writing this Redskins Blog for the Washington Times. No doubt you are already saying to yourself, “Why is he doing a blog? What gives him the right?”
Well, longevity for one. I have been a Redskins fan for 49 years. That’s one year short of half a century. You might say that I am an archives holding the history of the Washington Redskins from 1959 through 2007.
I remember walking across the field to get to the temporary bleachers with my dad and brother at old Griffith Stadium. There I watched quarterback Eddie LeBaron throw passes to Dickie James, Fred Dugan and Bill Anderson. I watched running backs John Olszewski, Jim Podoley and Don Bossler carry the ball. 
Eddie LeBaron was my favorite player and when he retired at the end of the 1959 season, I was devastated. Then I was hurt even more when he joined the newly created Dallas Cowboys as their starting quarterback. He was also assigned to help prepare Don Meredith to become a starting quarterback. For a few short moments my loyalty was challenged. But I stuck with the Redskins.
I followed the team from Griffith Stadium to DC Stadium in 1961. We had season tickets that put us in seats in the back of the endzone opposite the clock and scoreboard. A portion of the endzone was cut off from our view. So whenever a play went into that corner, we had to wait for fan reaction to know the result.     

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