The Washington Times - August 26, 2011, 01:28AM

What the Redskins had to say after their 34-31 preseason loss to Baltimore Ravens on Thursday night:

Coach Mike Shanahan on whether he has seen enough to decide on a starting quarterback:


I’m going to evaluate them all the way through camp and all the way through the last preseason game, possibly up to the day before we play the Giants. It all depends on if someone separates themselves. …So we’ve got a few more days of evaluation. As I said before, I feel very good about both quarterbacks. We can win with them.”

QB Rex Grossman on whether he feels he has done enough to be the opening-day starter:

“I’m not going to comment on that. I just feel good about what I have done.”

QB John Beck on whether he was disappointed by not starting:

“From my understanding, that was just kind of the rotation. By no means was I taking it the wrong way. My thought going in was, whatever they say, I do. And whatever my opportunity is, I do the best I can with it.”

Beck on his play:

“We kind of had to battle a little bit and had some key third downs that we had to get to keep drives alive. The offensive linemen did a great job in protection, and we had some key runs to set up those third-and-manageable plays. When you are able to do that, you are able to able to put the ball in the end zone. The coaching staff talks to us about those plays where it is third-and-manageable and getting it to keep the drives [alive] and move the chains. So I was very pleased with our unit with that.”

Beck on his interception, a deep ball intended for WR Donte’ Stallworth:

“It was a shot play. We said on the sideline, ‘Hey, if we get the edge and it’s single coverage, let’s take a shot.’ Sometimes that happens. Those are high-risk, and unfortunately that one didn’t work out. I told Donte’ on the sideline, ‘Don’t even worry about that, man. I am going to do that same thing if I see you one-on-one. I am going to trust that, if I put that up there, you will get it. We talked on the sideline [about] how we could have handled it differently. Offensive pass interference would have been a good option, but that is football and that is learning.”

Beck on whether he wonders who is going to be the starter:

“I can’t really worry about that. If I do, it’s just mental quicksand. I just do what I can, play when they say play and do the best I can.”

DE Jarvis Jenkins, to the Washington Examiner, on his knee injury:

“I was shuffling down the line and tried to plant and throw my guy down and I heard a pop. I was real worried because I had never experienced anything like that.”

NT Barry Cofield on the first-string defense:

“We were sloppy. I know I was sloppy – it starts with me, so I take a lot of blame for it. I didn’t play my best ball. We made a lot of mistakes – some third-down penalties that just killed us. We were in a great spot. We could’ve been incredibly successful – they might not have scored at all if we didn’t kill ourselves with penalties. Even with the mistakes we made, there was a lot to learn from – and we’ve got to get better.”

OLB Brian Orakpo on the defense’s performance:

“I thought we did a phenomenal job getting off the field when we needed to. We got pressure. [Ravens QB Joe] Flacco is a great quarterback, and he’s still a big guy, so you have to wrap up. I felt we had plenty of time to wrap up, but he’s so big. He’s still able to dump the ball off. So overall the guys were relentless and kept working.”

WR Terrence Austin on his 13-yard touchdown:

“It was a screen pass. I just dropped back to catch the ball and tried to set up the blocks. The offensive linemen are really the reason why I scored. They got out there and made those cut blocks. Donte’ sprung me with a good block out there. So really I just had to set it up and bring the defense to them.”

LT Trent Williams on his block of Ravens LB Ray Lewis on RB Tim Hightower’s 37-yard touchdown:

“Yeah, I got one up on ol’ Ray. Hightower kept telling us, ‘Keep going hard,’ he was going to find the holes. And he did, and he took it to the house.”

CB Kevin Barnes, who had a sack, on rushing the quarterback:

“Whenever we call for a blitz, I look forward to it. Our defensive line is so much better, and they can’t be double-teamed, so there are a lot of times I’m getting the quarterback untouched.”