The Washington Times - December 30, 2011, 02:38PM

Coach Mike Shanahan acknowledged Friday he began watching game film of college quarterbacks at midseason.

It’s no secret that the Redskins need improved quarterback play - Rex Grossman is tied for the NFL lead with 24 turnovers in only 12 starts - so this isn’t shocking. And Shanahan implied this is not an unusual practice.


However, he did turn some of his attention toward possible replacements for Grossman and John Beck a while ago.

“I’ve probably already looked at 10 or 15 of them,” Shanahan said. “I’ll take a half hour a day early in the morning - the tapes are made up. I’ll take a look at maybe 75, 80 plays of just a guy throwing the football in game situations, and so that’s most of the passes - or at least the good passes - during the season just so I get a feel for the guy. I do a little bit of that every day. Everybody is a little bit different depending on what we’re doing.

“Usually I do it in the middle of the football season,” Shanahan continued. “I’ll spend a half hour in the morning once the tapes are together, once our pro personnel or college personnel - depending what you’re looking at - put a tape together, maybe somebody’s passes. And you try to isolate it down and break it down depending on how many games you’ve got in. But once something appears on your screen, you like to look at it. You’ve got names; sometimes you can’t relate to how a guy is playing because you hear a lot about it on TV, but a lot of it’s hype and not evaluation. So you like to go back and kind of put the play with the name.”

So it’s nothing Earth-shattering. Let’s just consider this the official beginning of Redskins/quarterback draft talk. Only 118 days until the Redskins go on the clock. And in little more than 48 hours from now, we’ll know their spot in the draft order.