The Washington Times - July 29, 2011, 02:49PM

Offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan addressed a number of subjects related to the Redskins’ offense on Friday morning. We’ve already reviewed what he said about John Beck and the quarterback competition. Here’s his take on a few other topics:

On whether John Beck’s inexperience could hamper the natural growth of offense in its second season:


“We just need to get better. We did some good things as far as yards-wise, but we need to run the ball better. We need to run the ball more, and we have to be better on third downs. That will help our defense. How bad we were on third down hurt our whole team. Offensively we’ve got a responsibility there, and we’ve got to put more points on the board.”

On what the Redskins accomplished by acquiring all the wide receivers in the offseason:

“We’ve got competition now. When we came here last year, we felt the competition wasn’t great. We had guys who stepped up like Anthony Armstrong, and Armstrong was our starting receiver last year. I think he’s 28 years old, but he also had his first career catch last year. We want guys like that to play, but we need him to compete with people, too.

“So we wanted to draft some young guys, but we also don’t want him just competing with young guys. We need these guys competing with guys who have done it and are proven receivers. We know we’ve got some guys in [Donte’] Stallworth, we know ‘Tana [Moss] and we know [Jabar] Gaffney, those guys have proven they can play in the NFL. If guys like Armstrong and Terrence Austin, even Leonard [Hankerson], these rookies, if they beat those guys out—awesome. Then we’ve got some guys who really can play. We’ve finally got some competition, and if we do get injuries we’ve got some depth, also.”

On how concerned he is about the speed at which inexperienced receivers will learn the playbook:

“We needed guys to compete. I don’t feel our depth has been great. It wasn’t great here last year. We brought guys in we felt could compete. It always takes rookies a long time. Nobody really knows how it’s going to be with missing OTAs because this is our first time going through it, but you’ve got to assume it will take a little longer than usual.”

On acquiring free-agent right guard Chris Chester:

“We were excited to get Chester. We feel he fits our scheme well. He’s a very athletic, quick guy. He does have some size to him, also. We’ve added some depth there. We’re excited about our young guys, too.”

On whether the Redskins plan to play Chester at right guard:

“He’s got to be flexible everywhere, but we probably plan on putting him at right guard.”

On the decision to release veteran center Casey Rabach:

We’ve got some young guys. Those are the tough decisions we’ve got to make. Casey is one of my favorite players I’ve coached. He’s a warrior. He does everything you ask. But in the situation we’re in, we need some young guys to step up. we’ve had some holes on our team, and you can’t fill all of those right away. In order to do that, you need some younger guys to step up who maybe weren’t high draft picks or big time free agents. If you can do that you’ve got a chance.”

On what he likes about veteran Will Montgomery, who played center Friday morning:

“When he stepped in there last year, he competed. He battled. It doesn’t always look clean, but he fights you ‘til the end. It’s going to be a long day for whoever he’s going against. He’s strong, he’s feisty and he cares as much as you can care. It’s as important to him as it is to us.”

On how closely coaches followed reports about the players-only workouts in the offseason:

“Not much, but it excited me to see the guys were doing it. You never knew if they would or how much they would do it. I know the earlier ones didn’t have as many people, and as it kept going, to see the number of guys that were there got me excited. When the players care as much as the coaches, you’ve got a chance. If they don’t, you don’t have a chance. For them to get together and work like they did, you know it’s important to them.”