The Washington Times - May 23, 2011, 09:42AM

You might have heard that Angela Rypien, the daughter of former Redskins Super Bowl quarterback Mark Rypien, is training as a quarterback for the Seattle Mist of the Lingerie Football League. And if you haven’t, Matt Terl over at the official Redskins blog has everything you need to know.

Mark Rypien is excited for his daughter, but the whole lingerie aspect of the league doesn’t sit well with him.


“I read the blogs, and I get so upset with the male gender, first and foremost,” Rypien said Friday at the Mickey Steele Memorial Golf Tournament. “It’s unfortunate in our society that we have to sell athleticism in women’s sports through lingerie and things like that. These girls compete. They have fun. In our society we kind of take for granted what we do as male athletes and we underestimate and really don’t get the beauty of what female athletes can do.”

He later added: “It’s just unfortunate, though, that in women’s sports they have to wear these outfits in order to sell tickets. Maybe that will change over time, but she don’t mind. She looks good in it, and she says I love the game and I love playing.”

Mark Rypien has coached Angela up on the basics, such as dropping in the pocket and throwing mechanics. She’s learning other things on her own.

“It’s hard,” Mark said. “All our variables we have are different. Her hand size and every kid that I teach, I can’t tell them, ‘Hey, this is how you have to grip the football,’ because there’s too many variables involved in hand size.

“As far as her drop and all that, the technique part of it, yeah, I was very stringent on making sure she doesn’t get any bad habits early. She’s got a nice drop and steps up well. She doesn’t know two-deep from three-deep, but that’s OK. She’ll figure that out. She’ll do her homework.”

No matter how productive Angela’s career is, Mark is confident that the family legacy is safe.

“People write blogs that [read], ‘You’re going to humiliate your dad.’ Hell no,” Mark said. “This is fun times. I don’t expect her to light the world on fire, but she might. But she’s excited about it, and I’m excited for her.”