The Washington Times - October 16, 2011, 05:47PM

Rex Grossman has thrown four interceptions in a game before, and he’s been benched before. So when he stepped to the podium for his postgame meeting with reporters after Washington’s 20-13 loss to Philadelphia on Sunday, he knew right where to take the conversation.

“I’m sure most of the questions are going to be about the interceptions,” he said during his opening statement, “so I might as well go through them with you.”


Here you go:

No. 1

Third-and-16 from the Philadelphia 38. 0-0, 12:09 first quarter.

Video: here.

“The first one, it was third-and-long, just out of field-goal range. I wanted to try to complete a pass to get into field goal range. I saw [tight end] Fred [Davis] beating his guy, or at least in a coverage where they were going to be running together. I didn’t like my underneath coverage; had to make a quick decision. I wanted to try to put a ball up so Fred could go up and just get it. It was intercepted. The ball should have been on the 2. I didn’t think that was a big deal.”

No. 2

First-and-10 from the Washington 15. 17-0, Philly, 6:54 second quarter.

Video: here.

“The second one was a play that I just didn’t throw far enough. I had it, put the play in on the sidelines, and just didn’t get it out there enough. That’s normally something I can hit in my sleep.”

No. 3

Second-and-12 from the Philadelphia 20. 20-6, Philly, 6:38 third quarter.

Video: here.

“The third one, some of these you know you’ve got to trust other people to make a cut cross a safety’s face. I haven’t seen it on tape. I’m not saying Fred didn’t do that, but things are tight. You have to make quick decisions. I trusted that he was going to be able to cross the safety’s face on his route. I’m not sure what happened, but he wasn’t able to. The safety stepped up in front.”

No. 4

Third-and-9 from the Washington 39. 20-6, 2:20 third quarter.

Video: here.

“The fourth one, it was a scramble play. I thought [receiver] Jabar [Gaffney] was coming back for the ball, and the defender was.”


Grossman was then asked if he’s worried that he has lost his starting job.

“I’m worried about getting better,” he said. “I’m worried about [doing] my job. If I’m out there, I want to play extremely well.”

We’ll see if he gets the chance.