The Washington Times - October 24, 2011, 12:05PM

Quarterback John Beck sought out reporters inside the Redskins Park locker room on Monday morning. After four and half minutes of speaking about Sunday’s loss to Carolina and his performance in the game, he made a point to protect rookie receiver Leonard Hankerson, who was the intended target of Beck’s fourth-quarter interception.

You can watch the interception here. On the play, it appears Beck expected Hankerson to turn his route into a back-shoulder fade. Hankerson kept running on a go route. Immediately after the play, Beck held his arms out and palms up, as if to ask Hankerson what happened.


After the game, coach Mike Shanahan said: “That last interception should’ve been a backside shoulder.”

Beck called it a “miscommunication.”

Then on Sunday night, Hankerson engaged fans who criticized him on Twitter.

Beck on Monday fell on the sword.

“I just want to add one more thing, too, just because I kind of caught wind of what was going on,” he said as his interview neared its conclusion. “Hey, listen: the play with Hankerson, it’s on me. I’m the guy that’s got the ball in my hand. I’m the guy that makes the decision on where that ball goes. We were very excited to have Hankerson be a part of this football team. He’s going to be a great asset to this football team. Nothing goes on Hankerson. It all goes on me. You got that?”

Asked what he expected Hankerson to do on the play, Beck declined to elaborate.

“Done,” he said. “Thanks.”