The Washington Times - August 14, 2012, 12:06PM

Some older veteran players’ lockers include photos of their family. Washington Redskins kicker Neil Rackers has his kids plastered all over his.

For rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III, it’s a mix of inspirational messages and action figures, from the Incredible Hulk to Spiderman and others.


The biggest typewritten message is: “Forget about being MVP; Forget about being in the Pro Bowl. Those are nice consolation prizes if you don’t get a SUPER BOWL RING.”

That jibes with what teammates have been saying about the first-round pick.

“I think from Day One he stepped in and said, ‘I’m here to win football games. I’m not here to see if I can be a good quarterback, I’m not here to see if things work out for me. I am coming to the Washington Redskins to win football games’ and I think a lot of people really, really like and respect that,” tight end Chris Cooley said.

Griffin has a photo and Biblical reference to go along with it, “I can do all things,” citing Philippians 4:13. Other messages include “Be unstoppable,” “Be Amazing,” “Conquer Every Obstacle,” “Sacrifice,” “Know Your Why,” “BU” (for Baylor University) and “Army Strong.”