The Washington Times - August 15, 2012, 09:40PM

By Stephen Whyno

Offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan admitted last week he might need a full offseason to get good at using the new iPad playbook and video apps the Washington Redskins integrated. But players picked it up right away.


Specifically the video program, called Hudl, which allows for quick film study from anywhere.

“The Hudl – it’s a great app. It’s like watching the film here on the thing. Because they used to give us CDs, and you would fast forward, you would skip or miss plays,” linebacker Lorenzo Alexander said. “You couldn’t stop it exactly where it is. Now with the Hudl, you can go to Play 8 and go exactly to that play and go to the end zone or the wide copy. It’s much more user-friendly than the CD, which is a little bit more of a hassle.”

Alexander said it gives more flexibility than more traditional means of watching video. So how does it work?

Hudl works closely with XOS Thunder, which is a video editing program used by the Redskins and other NFL and college teams. The team’s video crew shoots practice or takes game clips and then Hudl can help it get onto players’ and coaches’ iPads.

“We basically help pull that video, take it securely and place it in a cloud so that players, coaches, scouts, GM from the Redskins can all access that video no matter where they are across the web,” Hudl vice president of business operations Matt Mueller said. “What we’re providing to the Redskins right now is a really effective, easy application to access the video … through their iPads.”

Hudl works with nine other NFL teams; its first client was the New York Jets because of a connection to Bill Callahan.

“[Teams] are really looking for the same things,” Mueller said. “How do we get away from DVDs or just extra effort from a video staff, and how do we make ourselves more efficient and give our players more access to film in an easier way?”

The Redskins wanted that and players have responded positively.

“The video is huge, but also having the tablet you can write and draw on,” safety Madieu Williams said. “You can also simulate certain formations that you might see in practice, you can line up against that certain formation on your tablet and draw it in vs. a certain defense and you can kind of move it around and things like that. It makes studying a lot more effective.”

Here are a couple of that show a little bit of what Hudl can do: