The Washington Times - August 2, 2012, 01:08PM

It was bound to happen. Through the first five days of Washington Redskins training camp, Robert Griffin III hadn’t thrown an interception.

That streak ended Wednesday, when inside linebacker Lorenzo Alexander picked him off on an intermediate throw over the middle.


“I don’t think it was nothing that I did. I just did my job on that. I think he thought I was running with [tight end Chris] Cooley across the middle, but I really was just dropping into my zone,” Alexander said. “He was trying to throw, I believe it was [Santana Moss] that was running behind me, and he just end up throwing the ball right to me and just making a routine catch.”

Griffin is not made available to reporters outside his weekly press conference that takes place on Mondays.

Griffin’s poise in practice is already noticeable at the pro level, but he didn’t throw a lot of interceptions during his time at Baylor, either. He finished with 78 touchdowns and just 17 picks.

Coach Mike Shanahan credits Griffin’s versatility for freezing opposing college defenses.

“Well, in college he had a great offense had great speed at the wide receiver position, had a great running back, a great offensive line,” Shanahan said. “And what were they going to do? Were they going to stop the running game or stop the passing game? And they really exploited defenses throughout his collegiate career.”

Redskins defenders are well aware of what Griffin can do with his legs and his arm, and so will others.

“In the National Football League, these guys are pretty sharp. It’s going to be a great challenge to any young quarterback to come in and just learn defenses, learn the offense and that’s what he’s doing,” Shanahan said. “He’s just trying to come in and do everything he can do and try to eliminate mistakes. And the harder you work, the better chance you have at eliminating those mistakes.”

That’s Alexander’s opinion, too, after exploiting one of those mistakes.

“It’s something that he probably needs to recognize quicker and with more reps he definitely will do that,” he said. “It’s going to happen, though. He’s going to throw some picks sometimes.”