The Washington Times - August 22, 2012, 08:44AM

Multiple breakdowns by the Redskins resulted in quarterback Robert Griffin III’s sack and fumble in the second quarter against the Chicago Bears on Saturday.

Rookie running back Alfred Morris failed to pick up a safety blitz on the left. Tight end Chris Cooley also missed his read on the right and left tight end Fred Davis alone against Israel Idonije.


Watch the play here, and focus on Cooley on the right edge of the offensive line. Cooley kicks out a step, hesitates, doesn’t block anyone and then turns and watches the play turn into a disaster.

Cooley on Tuesday described what happened:

“It’s a pass protection where I’m responsible for all the secondary,” he said. “I should have saw earlier that the corner and safety weren’t coming. I stepped out to the corner. I was responsible for the corner. I wanted to ensure – I should have just sat tight with Fred.

“Fred actually did a pretty good job on the block. The running back didn’t pick up our secondary off the backside, so [Griffin] had to scramble. Fred blocked the guy long enough.

“We talked about the corner possibly coming off the edge. In practice I had a look where the same [thing] happened, and I turned to help [Fred] and the guy came. No real excuses. I could have helped Fred. I think Fred did a good enough job that the ball would have gotten off.”