The Washington Times - August 6, 2012, 09:44AM

Quarterback Robert Griffin III is a star before even taking a preseason snap for the Redskins. Fans at training camp this summer go wild when he’s nearby during an autograph session. That was the case Saturday at Fan Appreciation Day. I recorded these two videos to give you an idea of the atmosphere.

“Those quarterbacks, I mean every year, they’re the hot commodity,” coach Mike Shanahan said. “People know that there’s a difference winning and losing for a franchise. And you can be one of the top quarterbacks in the league. That person’s going to get a lot of attention.”


In the first video, fans crowd the barrier with hopes of getting an autograph. Even Chief Zee has to wait a few moments for his turn.



In the second one, dreams shatter and hearts break as Griffin is pulled away. Listen for the female voice that yells: “ROOOOBBBBEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTT!!!!!” as if he’d just fallen out of her grasp and down a cliff or something. Ha!