Orakpo backs off his stated desire to diversify pass rush arsenal

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Less than two weeks ago, OLB Brian Orakpo beat LT Trent Williams with an inside swim move, and then he stated his intent to expand his arsenal of pass rushing moves. In his three seasons with Redskins, Orakpo has totaled 29 sacks mostly with bull-rushes and outside speed rushes. “I’m trying to change it up this year,” Orakpo said on July 27.

Well, you’d think preseason games would be a good opportunity to work on anything new. But Orakpo, asked if he plans to dig deeper into his repertoire beginning with Thursday’s preseason opener against Buffalo, backed off his previously stated desire to diversify.

“I can’t divert from my game,” he said Tuesday morning. “I’m a physical guy. I’m not a technician. I use a lot of my ability to get to the quarterback. I’m not going to go out there and try to fake some stuff and not really play my game.

“Obviously, there’s some stuff I would like to work on, some counter moves and stuff like that to get some more sacks, some more pressures. But at the end of the day, I’m not going to divert from my game. I’m a physical pass rusher, and I like to get into tackles, and I like to get after it.”

So that’s a bit vexing. The interesting thing is that Orakpo has continued to try inside moves and moves involving misdirection during training camp. That leaves us a bit unsure of what we’ll see in games.

Orakpo likes to rush based on feel and reaction, not a predetermined move, so it’s possible he’ll get into game action and use some of the newer moves he’s been working on. Given his mixed comments on the subject, we’ll just have wait and see.

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