The Washington Times - December 10, 2012, 05:01PM

Everybody fumbles. That’s the message from Washington Redskins fullback Darrel Young when he’s asked about rookie Alfred Morris putting the ball on the ground.

Young has name-dropped Chris Johnson and Emmitt Smith, among others, to rationalize that Morris will occasionally fumble. He did so in Sunday’s overtime victory against the Baltimore Ravens, but he also rushed for 123 yards and a touchdown.


Morris and his coach aren’t worried his losing two fumbles in as many games.

“I learned a lesson a long time ago back in college, my fullback coach in college, he said you got to have a short term memory to play this game,” Morris said. “It’s terrible, but at the same time there’s a lot more game to be played. You know, that happened early on in the game and if I hung my head I wouldn’t be able to go out there and help my team out. Just doing the most I can. You know, I bounced back and I kept running hard.”

Mike Shanahan said fumbles are going to happen, explaining Morris’ recent issue as a result of a short week between facing the New York Giants on Monday Night Football and then the Ravens.

Morris, who holds the franchise’s rookie rushing record, has lost only three fumbles this season. Still, the Redskins will address the issue this week at practice.

“We’ll get back to trying to strip the ball, put him in situations where he gets those good habits back,” Shanahan said. “But he’s a guy you really trust because it means a lot to him. If you do get the ball [out], usually it’s a pretty good hit or three or four guys standing a guy up and doing a great job of just pulling the ball out.”

Once the ball is out and Morris gets off the field, he tries hard to forget about it. He’s not using it as fuel.

“If anything, fumbling makes me mad and I learned a long time ago I can’t play angry,” Morris said. “That’s just not the type of person I am. It only hurts me more so I have to just block it out, short term memory and move on.”