The Washington Times - December 18, 2012, 10:16AM

Members of London Fletcher’s family were among five men arrested Sunday for their part in an incident at Cleveland Browns Stadium during the Washington Redskins’ victory.

Here is the full narrative of what happened, typos and all, from the Cleveland Police Department report obtained Monday:


On 12-16-12 at 100 Alfred Lerner Way we had the occasion to arrest Jermaine T. Robinson, ASU A Robinson, Devante D. Robinson, Michael George, and Terence B. Woody for Assault on a Peace Officer, Agg Riot and Resisting Arrest. Douglas Campbell and Yvette Houston were made named suspects due to a medical emergency involving Yvette Houston. The following are the facts of the arrest:

The victim P.O. Neal reports that while working in uniform and in his official capacity as a sworn peace officer in the State of Ohio, he observed Jermaine T Robinson taunting fans at the Cleveland Browns Stadium. He then observed Jermaine Robinson running down towards the field. P.O. Neal believed that Jermaine Robinson then began to argue with PO Neal stating that he had a ticket and was related to London Fletcher. He then escorted Jermaine Robinson to his seat. As he returned Jermaine Robinson to his seat, him and several others stood on their seats and yelled “What are you going to do now?” P.O. Neal then decided that he was going to eject Jermaine Robinson for Fan Conduct violations. As he attempted to grab Jermaine Robinson to eject him another male ASU Robinson and Yvette Houston grabbed a hold of P.O. Neal. P.O. Neal then ordered them to let him go and he attempted to escort Jermaine Robinson from the stadium. ASU Robinson then pushed P.O. Neal and punched him knocking him to the ground. While P.O. Neal was on the ground, Asu Robinson kicked and punched him and told him that he was going to earn his money. He also called him a bitch. Fans and other security personnel pulled ASU Robinson off of him and P.O. Neal able to get up. ASU Robinson then got away from P.O. Neal and two other males, Terrence Wood and Michael George began pushing P.O. Neal trying to keep him away from ASU Robinson. More officers arrived to assist and P.O. Neal approached ASU Robinson, he asked PO.Neal “You want some more? P.O. Neal with the assistance of other officers was able to place ASU Robinson uncle arrest. While this was happening the riot moved into the concourse area and Jermaine Robinson, Devonte Robinson, George Michael and Terence Woods were arrested for their involvement in the assault and riot. Douglas Campbell and Yvette Houston were made n/s’s due to a medical emergency.

Yvette Houston was treated by Game day Medical Staff and she was transported to Metro Hospital. During the incident, P.O. Neal and Terence woods was treated by Game day Medical Staff for his exposure to the mace.


Read the full details of the police report here, along with how London Fletcher described the situation.