The Washington Times - December 5, 2012, 09:45PM

The Redskins are a confident team on a three-game winning streak. The impact of that confidence can be difficult to quantify on the scoreboard, but Mike Shanahan believes it manifested in the way the Redskins ran the last 3:51 off the clock to beat the Giants, 17-16, on Monday night.

“I think any time you win those kinds of games, you feel better about yourself,” Shanahan said. “You find a way to get it done in the last couple minutes of the game. When you’re able to run your four-minute offense the way we did and finish the game when they know you have to run the football - they know you have to get a first down, trying to take all the time of the clock, you’re able to run the ball three times and still get a first down - the football team starts feeling good about themselves because they knew we had to run it, we knew we had to run it, and we were able to get a first down. Those types of things build a lot of confidence.”


Needing another first down to secure the victory, Alfred Morris ran three times for a total of 13 yards. The Redskins scrapped their outside zone scheme for a power-blocking play, making that series a battle of will, strength and technique against the Giants’ vaunted defensive front.

“It’s such a good feeling,” tight end Logan Paulsen said. “They know what you’re going to do. They know what the situation is, and they know what they need to do to stop it, and they couldn’t, which is fantastic. That situation takes all 11 guys to do the right thing, and we did, which was awesome.”