The Washington Times - December 9, 2012, 06:13PM

Robert Griffin III was optimistic about the severity of his right knee injury Sunday evening before he departed FedEx Field to undergo an MRI.

**UPDATED 9:21 p.m.: An MRI Sunday night showed no serious ligament damage, according to a team spokesman. Griffin’s status for next Sunday’s game at Cleveland is undetermined.**


Here is the full transcript of his five-question postgame press conference:

Q: Talk us through the play, what happened, and how do you feel?

RG: “Trying to make a play. I got outside, turned it inside, and as soon as I turned it inside, I was like, ‘Oh, lord, here we go,’ and got down. So I protected myself from that regard. It was just a freak play. My leg got hit while I was going down, or after I was already down my leg got hit. I was a pretty painful experience, but, prayerfully, I’ll be all right.”

Q: Where do you think you stand in terms of your body right now?

RG: “Yeah, I got hit in the back. Usually you get hit in the low back or the upper back; I got hit right in the middle of my back. Just a weird experience. When I came out after that play with my leg, I told Larry I was going back in. They looked at me for a second. I just wanted them to know that I wanted to go back in, and I did for a few plays. I made the throw to ’Tana [Moss] and the throw to Pierre [Garcon] down the field. I knew I needed to get out at that point. I couldn’t move. At some point you have to do what’s right for the team. If I’d have played the rest of that game, I probably would have hurt myself even more. You’ve just got to trust those guys and trust yourself when you know enough is enough. When I first came on, I didn’t think enough was enough. But after being out there for a few plays and realizing that I really couldn’t do too much, I had to get out.

Q: You had an ACL injury in the past. Does it feel like an ACL injury? What does it feel like?
RG: “I’m not a doctor, but I know what ACL feels like, and it doesn’t feel like ACL. Hopefully we can have some positive, positive things that come out of the MRI. I took an x-ray, and that was a very good x-ray, so I feel the positive vibes coming my way. Prayerfully, everything will be all right.”

Q: How nervous or worried are you about this?
RG: “Like I said, I know what ACL feels like. If I felt that, I’d probably be pretty nervous. But we won the game. Everybody is praying for me. I feel pretty good right now about the whole situation. So I’m not too nervous, but I’ll definitely be praying during the MRI.”

Q: Did the doctors give you any sort of sense at all for what they believe this to be?

RG: “They looked at my knee a lot. I don’t know if any of you guys have ever been to the doctor [laughter breaks out] You know the theory. If you’re having pain, they constantly push on that same spot. They’re like: ‘Does it hurt here? No. Here? Yes. For the 14th time it hurts there.’ But they told me they felt like my ligaments all feel good. It’s just a matter of what the MRI says. They told me my ACL looked good. So, like I said, I was feeling the positive vibes from them, feeling the positive vibes from the team. Just the fact that we won the game makes everybody feel a lot better.”

Q: Did the doctors talk about a hyperextension as opposed to other more serious diagnoses?

RG: “No, they haven’t. I knew as soon as I got hit, as I screamed – like a man of course – [laughter] it hurt really bad. But like I said, it didn’t feel like an ACL or anything like that. Larry [Hess, head trainer] and them came on the field, and I told them just get me to the sideline. I told them, ‘Just get me to the sideline, and I’m coming back in the next play.’ That’s the mindset you have to have. It’s not about me or myself. It’s about the team. I think the guys were proud of me for going back out there and fighting and told me they’d fight with me any day.”

Q: Mechanically, how did the injury affect you, whether it was pushing off or anything like that?

RG: “It just makes you a little unsure about what you’re doing. Everybody has had an injury before and tried to do something athletic, so I knew I wasn’t myself, but I felt like I could still go out and help the team win. And then after I threw the pass to Pierre and we completed it, then immediately after I planted I knew I couldn’t help the team win anymore. Even though I did complete that pass, I felt a certain way after that throw. As you all saw, I kind of limped down the field to get down there. I had to get out. I’ll still be able to run and do those things if it’s just a really bad bruise. If it’s anything else, like I told coach, I’ll fight through it, and I’ll be playing next week.”