The Washington Times - February 23, 2012, 02:47PM

INDIANAPOLIS | Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera on Thursday afternoon compared quarterback Cam Newton to Baylor prospect Robert Griffin III. Both players won the Heisman Trophy. Both are mobile quarterbacks. Newton is about three inches taller. But enough from me. Take it away, Ron:

“Robert, in my opinion, tends to run a little bit more than Cam, and I think that is by design. Cam, we try to use him more in the pocket. Sure, we did have some runs that we did use with him, obviously. In just watching Robert, you see a guy that’s also very athletic, very quick. Some of his physical traits, the way he plays the game, remind me more of Michael Vick as opposed to a Cam Newton-type guy.”


So what are the differences between Vick and Cam?

“Michael creates and makes plays running the ball a little bit more,” Rivera said. “I think Cam tries to be more of a pocket passer. But I do know that Michael has a great arm and he flicks it out there as well as anybody in the league, and that’s what you see from Robert Griffin.”