The Washington Times - January 24, 2012, 05:49PM

MOBILE, Ala. | New defensive backs coach Raheem Morris is enjoying the early stages of his transition to the Redskins’ coaching staff. He came off the Senior Bowl practice field here Tuesday afternoon with a smile on his face as fellow assistants needled him for doing interviews.

“I think we can have a nice relationship and really grow together,” Morris said. “It’s obviously a fun bunch of guys, obviously loving and accepting me into the family right now right away.”


After serving as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ head coach for the last three seasons, Morris is enthusiastic about a new beginning in a new defensive scheme. He has run the Tampa-2 defense for all of his nine-year NFL coaching career.

“Mike Shanahan is a great coach,” Morris said. “He’s one of the guys that has been in this business forever, so I can learn a lot from him. Having the opportunity to be with Coach [Jim] Haslett in the 3-4 system and get a chance to grow in my career and professionally develop is something I look forward to doing, and also coming here and being a contributor and helping these guys get better in the secondary.”

Morris said he has close relationships with Redskins cornerbacks DeAngelo Hall and Josh Wilson. Morris got to know Hall when they were NFC South division adversaries after Hall came into the league with the Atlanta Falcons in 2004. Morris coached Wilson in the Senior Bowl in 2007.

“I feel very strongly about them,” Morris said. “Hopefully when I get back to the facility, I’ll get a chance to watch tape, get a chance to develop and get a chance to grow with these guys. We can look at it and make some improvements that will make us better. I look forward to doing that.”