The Washington Times - July 26, 2012, 01:55PM

Quarterback Robert Griffin III already has convinced some of the highest-profile Redskin veterans that he will be a team leader in his first season.

“I think the quarterback position is just a natural leadership position,” tight end Chris Cooley said after Thursday morning’s walkthrough. “It’s the most vocal position on the field, and he has it. There’s nothing forced from him, as far as being a leader. There’s no façade. He just has it.


“He’ll grow and become more and more in that role, but it’s there already. I think the groundwork is there for him to be a leader and a captain on this football team. He’ll just fit right into it.”

Linebacker London Fletcher, a co-captain and the Redskins’ locker room leader, believes Griffin will assume his role at some point.

“The thing about him is he already has great leadership quality,” Fletcher said. “He has already emerged as one of the leaders on the football team, and not because of the position that he plays. A lot of times you think just because you’re the quarterback you have to be a leader on the football team. His personality, his aura about himself, is one of great leadership qualities.

“Just some of the things he does that rookies don’t generally do. Getting the guys together in Waco – that’s big time to get those guys to come out and know that it was important not only for him to continue to develop his skill set but to work with his receivers. He does stuff on a day to day basis.

“Eventually, he’ll be the leader of this team, but he doesn’t need that extra added pressure. We need him just worrying about playing the quarterback position, and I can handle my little part in things like that.”