The Washington Times - July 31, 2012, 01:36PM

After spending the 2011 season out of the NFL, Jordan Black was planning for life after football when the Redskins called him this week.

The offensive tackle scheduled a Monday meeting with a real estate broker in Houston to discuss opening some gym franchises. He canceled that meeting, though, and attended the Redskins’ walkthrough Tuesday morning.


“I’m thrilled,” said Black, 32. “I still have football in me. My heart is still in the game and it was hard to be away. I’m just glad to be here.”

New Orleans released Black last Sept. 3, and he didn’t catch on with another team. Being out of the league gave him a greater appreciation for the sport.

“I’m in a position where I can look back, and all the things we love so much about the game, I’m so much more aware of it,” Black said. “It just makes it such a fulfilling experience for me.

“It was the little things,” Black continued. “I said to my wife one day: ‘I’m going to miss putting tape on my fingers before games. I’m going to miss the feeling of putting gloves on, and overall just being part of something that’s so big.’” The NFL, that’s just a huge thing. It’s hard once you go away from the game to not miss it.”

Black doesn’t have much time to be sentimental, though. He reported to Washington weighing between 275 and 280 pounds. He wants to get up to 290 by the end of training camp.

To do that, he’s on a diet that amounts to 7,000 calories per day. An active man his age can consume up to 3,000 calories per day without gaining weight.

We reporters joked that we could show him how to eat that much. Jokes about fat or food-loving reporters never get old in the media room.