The Washington Times - June 7, 2012, 02:10PM

Players who have experience with other teams can attest that Redskins Park has fallen behind the times.

The weight room is small. The meeting rooms are basic. There’s no in-house cafeteria. The training room lacks equipment found in newer facilities. Overall, one could argue that the Redskins’ 20-year-old facility puts them at a competitive disadvantage. 


That’s why the Redskins’ agreement to keep their headquarters in Loudoun County and commit to hosting training camp in Richmond comes with a $4 million grant from the Commonwealth to upgrade Redskins Park.

“You want players to come in here and enjoy coming to work,” coach Mike Shanahan said Thursday. “That’s one of the reasons I think the bubble helps so much. We’ve been in there eight days already, so if the field is flooded or if there are conditions where you can’t practice, we can go in there and have a great practice.

“Same thing with the weight room. You want a state-of-the-art weight room. You want state-of-the-art meeting rooms, the technology that some of these new teams have, we want to have that ability as well. We want free agents to come here and say, ‘Hey, what a great facility. I can see me coming here and getting better as a football player.’ And obviously we get better as an organization.”

I’m not sure there’s a documented case of a free agent signing elsewhere because the Redskins’ weight room is too small, but Shanahan’s point is valid. There isn’t a public timetable for the upgrades, but the sooner they’re completed, the better off the Redskins will be.