The Washington Times - November 1, 2012, 01:33PM

When the Pittsburgh Steelers celebrated their 80th anniversary last week with throwback uniforms, the jokes wrote themselves. Players looked like bumblebees or prison inmates, depends on whom you asked.

Also celebrating an 80th anniversary, the throwbacks that Washington Redskins will wear Sunday aren’t expected to be ridiculed in the same way. Quite the contrary. Instead, the maroon jerseys with modern helmets that look like old leather ones are streamlined and have players excited to wear them.


“I think the helmets look cool with the leather look-alike,” defensive lineman Kedric Golston said. “And whenever you can connect with history like that, you should take advantage of it and understand the importance of it.”

The Redskins have been using this week as an opportunity to break in the helmets. The jerseys with tan pants come out Sunday against the Carolina Panthers.

And while the Redskins’ uniforms are more popular than the Steelers’, Golston didn’t take the chance to ridicule Pittsburgh’s look.

“I’m not going to say I liked the uniforms, but you enjoy because it is something different,” he said. “That was a style back then. One day somebody’s going to look back at our uniforms or somebody else’s uniforms and say, ‘Man, those things are ugly.’ But back then that’s what they liked.”

Linebacker Lorenzo Alexander likes the throwback look, considering that unlike 80 years ago these helmets have facemasks on them.

“If we didn’t have the facemask, I think it’d be a different story,” Golston said.

Asked about the throwback uniforms, linebacker London Fletcher said they were “all right.”

“We hope we get the same result as the Steelers when they put theirs on,” Fletcher said