Kyle Shanahan's take on which pass is Robert Griffin III's best this season

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As Robert Griffin III continues to evolve as an NFL quarterback, it’s fair to assume his throws will improve. We’ve seen such incremental growth all season, especially since the Carolina game on Nov. 4.

In the Redskins’ 38-31 win over Dallas last Thursday, Griffin made his best throw to date, according to offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan.

The one to Aldrick vs. Dallas, I thought, was his best throw of the year just because he threw it with so much anticipation,” Shanahan said of the 68-yard second-quarter touchdown. “He took one hitch and let it go 60 yards down the field.

“When you do that in a rhythm like that – guys are scared to overthrow people, so they usually pull the strings, and then it’s underthrown and it ends up looking like a punt return and everybody is jumping for it. But he let it go. I think he was a little nervous he overthrew it, but when you’ve got a guy who can run like Aldrick, it was the perfect throw. It hit in right in stride, and that’s why you get a walk-in touchdown.”



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