The Washington Times - October 1, 2012, 11:35PM

TAMPA, Fla. | Fired by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after three seasons and no playoff appearances, Raheem Morris didn’t want any kind of revenge on his former team.

Dressed in his Sunday best on a Sunday that his Washington Redskins left Raymond James Stadium with a 24-22 victory, the defensive backs coach glowed with pride but not out of spite.


“A lot of these guys on this football team, a lot of guys that work in this building, the owners, all you guys, it’s like a family away from home. So I don’t have any ill will towards anybody here,” Morris said. “So the emotions wouldn’t be anything hateful, man. The only thing I wanted to do was get in here, get a win with the Washington Redskins to get us to 2-2. we were able to do that today, and that feels great.”

One topic of conversation in the week leading up to this game was how Morris’ familiarity with Tampa Bay’s players would help the Redskins, even though new coach Greg Schaino’s schemes were totally different. That personnel knowledge no doubt played a role, as Morris slipped when talking about his experience from the visiting sideline.

“Looking at all my guys coming out, seeing those guys come out,” he said, correcting himself, “I can’t even call them my guys, but looking at those guys come out, it was a lot of fun.”

More fun for Morris to help coach a defense that, in spite of second-half woes, held the opposing offense to the lowest scoring output so far this season.

“We played well that first half. Those guys got going in the second half. I told these guys they were really good wideouts, Mike Williams, getting Vincent Jackson, [Tiquan] Underwood came in and did a nice job for them today,” Morris said. “They made a push at the end. But we were able to hang in there.”